He was never supposed to mean so much to me. I was never supposed to fall so fucking hard. But i did and that is the bitter truth. That’s what keeps me holding on because it hurts to let him go.Do you know how it feels loke when you look at the sun? How you are blinded by the light and you can’t see anything else. That ‘was’ him. Getting over him was hard like extremly hard.I was the first one to laugh at anylovesick couple or any of my friend who used to cry on my sholder after her break up and how she still loves him. But now the things have changed. It’s true that you don’t know the feel of anything until you go through it yourself. 

After he broke up with me stating that he never actually loved me and all those things were fake my world came tumbling down. After this i started believing in the fact that all boys are heartless and that true love doesn’t exist. Thanks to my ‘new friend’ whom i came across hardly a month ago made me believe that all boys aren’t shit 😂.

Nowadays people use the so called three magical words “I love u” so often and so early that it is kinda losing its worth. Never say i love u until an unless you really mean it from the bottom ot your heart. We humans have a tendency to make everything more complicated. 

Coming back to ‘him’ when we started dating i thought that he is the one my one and only. But after alot of hardship n sessions of consolling myself that he isn’t the one. I am just 16 year of teenager for godsake! It’s my time to enjoy and work hard for my dreams. My relationship with him felt so real that is i was blind for a phase of my life. U know what moving on takes a lot of courage but believe after moving on it is one of the best feeling of this world.

Everyday i stand in my balcony and look at the sky. There are various things running through my mind. It changes everyday. But there are two constant thoughts everyday. 1) Toffee is somewhere up there sleeping peacefully like always.2) Somewhere in the world there is this person who is thinking of his princess and looking at the sky in the same way as me or maybe if he has a girlfriend he is probably promising her how they are gonna be together forever buy baby see you in 9-10years. Hopefully he is Harry Styles!

There is someone for everyone. Al that a person needs is patience. Love is extremly complicated but the right person will make it easy for you.


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